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Our collective is based directly in the heart of the community we serve. We have warm and inviting space we can give to help local groups and organisations. Our teams are an active part of the neighbourhoods where they live and work. We support them to give their time to help with what is most needed.

Local Area Investment



Invested into the Local Area.

Since opening in 2012, we’ve always had a passion at reinvesting into our community and the local area. Neston and Parkgate have always stuck very close to our hearts and we loved the idea of being able to inject more life into them.
Since then, 4 years have been and gone here at Elephant, but every year hasn’t been without a substantial investment in the town that we’ve grown up in. We realised the best way for us to care about our town was to revive tired looking buildings and filling them with life whilst still sticking to the building’s original features. We want you to think that our buildings have been there since the beginning of the town they fit in that fluently with the scene. After finishing the calculations we have worked out that our small independent business has officially invested £1,400,000 into the local area!

Responsible Product Sourcing

It’s one of our biggest commitments to buying and serving the highest-quality, responsibly grown, ethically traded products to help create a better future for everyone involved.
Adams & Russell, our Coffee Suppliers, use green coffee importers who have a social responsibility for all the stakeholders in the supply chain.
We chose to use Adams & Russell as we know they source the very best green beans, are a registered Fairtrade Foundation Operator, and also roast Rainforest Alliance, such as our Decaf Roast as well as carefully sourced single origin speciality coffees such as our Market Town Roast. We have applied this strategy for product sourcing to everything we stock, from Coffee, to Tea, to Takeout Cups, Pizza Boxes etc.


Elephant are very supportive of community events and organisations. It has been our absolute pleasure to work with the Elephant team since they first opened in Neston back in 2012. A particular highlight for us has been our engagement with them and the Northern Lights Children’s Charity on the very popular Santa Dash for the last couple of years. Long may it, and they, continue!
Carrie Spacey, AboutMyAreaCH64