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Our Responsibility

Responsibility in the community is paramount to the Elephant Collective. When we opened our first shop in 2012, we’ve always felt it was an important responsibility of ours to be a local company with strong ethics. We wanted to earn the respect of our customers, employees and neighbours rather than expecting it, and now with three premises our involvement is bigger than ever.


Responsibility in the Community – The community is a part of us as much as it’s a part of you, that’s why we feel it’s important for us to play our part in it. We try to get involved with local efforts to create positive change wherever we can. Through our ongoing support of local projects and active engagement with local concerns we will continue to work with – and in support of – the wider community. If you want us to help out with your local event or charity, just pop into one of our shops and let us know about it! We will see what we can do!


Backing Youth

Responsibility in Backing Youth – The youth are our future, there is currently 7.5 million people aged 16-24 in the UK. Unfortunately 12.7% of which aren’t in any form of Education, Training or Employment, thats 952,500 people just in that small age bracket. This is why we feel backing young people is one of the most important missions we have.