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5 Coffee Brewing Tips You Should Use When Making Your Coffee In The Morning

We’re Here To Make Your Mornings Better

5 Tips You Should Follow Brewing Your Morning Coffee

Look, mornings are difficult, we get it.

Nobody likes the sound of their alarm blasting out a worse sound than Katy Perry without Autotune, but there is a way to make it better. If you just carve out a tiny chunk of time, follow our coffee brewing tips and make yourself a deliciously fantastic cup of coffee, trust us, your mornings will be changed forever.


One of the most important coffee brewing tips. There is nothing worse than putting in all of your morning efforts into brewing your first coffee of the day, to find out as you’re tasting it… THE COFFEE IS STALE! You need to keep your coffee as fresh as the Prince of Bel-Air for you to have that perfect cup. This also means don’t put your coffee in the fridge or freezer! You will just let moisture into the coffee, giving it a completely different and quite atrocious taste.
We recommend the best way to keep ground coffee or whole beans fresh is to store the coffee on a pantry or cupboard shelf in an opaque airtight container away from light, heat, and moisture.

5 Tips You Should Follow Brewing Your Morning Coffee


5 Tips You Should Follow Brewing Your Morning Coffee

No, we don’t mean Heinz. There’s no way around this one; quality ingredients are crucial. At 6 or 7 AM, in your zombie-esque state, it may be all you can do to pull that two month old bag of Coffee out of your cupboard (again, we get it), but you’re missing out on the chance to see just how heavenly a cup of coffee can actually be.
One of our big coffee brewing tips is to try to stick to Espresso Beans. We love Elephant’s #takemehome range, because it’s ours, yes, but also because we test our coffee every single day and only sell it when it’s at its most delicious.


You don’t need to be Bill Nye The Science Guy or Sheldon Cooper to be able to brew that perfect cup of Coffee. Infact, brewing a good cup isn’t even as difficult as trying to find a good film on Netflix (no offence, Netflix). All it actually requires is a small amount of attention. You have to follow a simpleCoffee-to-Water Ratio”. Most other coffee brewing tips guides would probably put a load of spiel about the reasons ratio’s. Not us.  Instead; we’ve decided to give you a little cheat sheet:

For the light-strength lovers:
1tbsp Coffee : 3oz Water
E.G. 10oz cup = 4tbsp Coffee : 12oz Water

For the stronger drinkers:
1tbsp Coffee : 2oz Water
E.G. 10oz cup = 6tbsp Coffee : 12oz Water

Note – tbsp measurement is for ground coffee. 

5 Tips You Should Follow Brewing Your Morning Coffee


5 Tips You Should Follow Brewing Your Morning Coffee

If you’re brewing coffee at home, you must have heard that using Beans is a good idea, and it totally is. However, if you’ve followed the coffee brewing tips and are using the right Coffee:Water Ratio but you’re coffee still doesn’t taste right it could be down to the way you’ve ground your beans. If your coffee has a thin and sour taste, chances are you need to grind your coffee more finely. However if your cup is thick and bitter, you need to grind more coarsely.


To brew that perfect cup, Love is all you need… Okay, that’s not true… You also need good quality Coffee, maybe a Grinder, something to brew with, a drinking vessel, the correct technique… Okay there’s alot of other things you need. But you need to care about the coffee you’re making! We know that it can be hard to realise our higher aspirations for noble brewing when you’ve just woken up and struggle to speak. If you just pay attention to the details, don’t rush your first morning brew, follow the coffee brewing tips; it will make all the difference.

5 Tips You Should Follow Brewing Your Morning Coffee

The small amount of time you have to yourself after you wake up to make a truly delicious cup of coffee – That time is yours. Enjoy it to the fullest, you never know – brewing your morning cup of paradise may become something more meaningful than a daily hit of caffeine.

5 Tips You Should Follow Brewing Your Morning Coffee

By Billy Mills
26th July 2016


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