August 2016

Coffee Health Benefits

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Put the kettle on! It turns out there are some serious Coffee health benefits! Occasionally you may have the odd thought of quitting drinking Coffee or cutting down on the amount you drink... well what if we told you that a study from the University of Bristol found caffeine not only boosts [...]

July 2016

How Addicted To Coffee Are You Really – QUIZ

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How Addicted To Coffee Are You Really? Have you got blood or coffee pumping through your veins? Ever wondered how addicted to coffee you truly are? Here at Elephant; we've devised a clever little Coffee Addict Quiz to come find out! Answer truthfully and you will come to the correct conclusion! [...]

5 Tips You Should Follow Brewing Your Morning Coffee

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5 Coffee Brewing Tips You Should Use When Making Your Coffee In The Morning We're Here To Make Your Mornings Better Look, mornings are difficult, we get it. Nobody likes the sound of their alarm blasting out a worse sound than Katy Perry without Autotune, but there is a way to make it [...]